Personal Home Styling Service 

Making changes to your home can be overwhelming with the many choices available, countless samples fabrics and colours can confuse your whole project.


I can help by improving on what you already have or create a dynamic new look for either a single room or a stylish redesign for an entire house.  I can work within your budget using bespoke high-end stores to high street shops to reinvent your home into a stylish, revitalised and inviting space. 


My personal home styling services begin with a free telephone consultation to understand your requirements. My services are then available as follows: 


  1. Meeting you at your home to discuss your requirements, budget and timescales as well possible changes to be made and the required finished look. During this meeting I will take photographs and room dimensions.

  2. Completion of your concept board that offers solutions on all the elements needed to create your space, including:

  • A4 cards of recommended paint colours.

  • Recommendations for furniture, colours, patterns, lighting, window treatments, flooring and accessories.

  • Samples of fabrics/textiles.

  • A shopping guide with recommended elements including prices and where to source them.


This styling service costs from £320.00 per average sized room to be confirmed on initial meeting. Subsequent rooms will receive a 15% discount. For more details please email me.

You will then have the details to deliver your project however, if you feel you need further support or your lifestyle/commitments mean you do not have the time to get your project off the ground please consider:

Project Management Services 

Undertaking a large home improvement project can be stressful and if not managed effectively can lead to time and budget issues. My project management service includes:


  1. Brief all tradespeople required for your project, arrange for quotes.

  2. Be a point of contact for your tradespeople.

  3. Manage the project delivery including timescales. 

  4. Coordinate all trades people.

  5. Meet with you at your convenience for regular updates.

  6. Source, co-ordinate and receive your new purchases.

  7. Style your room with your new items for the finishing touch.


Project management services cost £30.00 per hour which can be discussed further once the size of the project is finalised. 

Home Styling by Post 

Home styling by post is available for those who do not have the time or live too far away for a home visit.


This process starts with an initial telephone consultation at your convenience followed by:


  1. Photographs with dimensions of the spaces to be styled and an idea of which direction the room faces to provide an idea of light, plus your budget.

  2. You will receive advice and options as listed in my Home Styling section above via registered post.

  3. Home Styling by Post service costs £250.00 + postage based on an average sized room to be confirmed on receipt of your photographs. Subsequent rooms will receive a 15% discount. For further details please contact me.

Melissa Hill Home Styling is based in Clevedon and covers all surrounding areas. 

Mileage will be charged at 45p per mile after the first 10 miles.

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